After 25 years of working with manufacturing, IPG found that 98% of injuries are incidental and can be resolved with on-site care resulting in a substantial reduction in OSHA recordable injuries. Our occupational health and safety nurses will eliminate the number of needless claims through appropriate, timely treatments and facilitating immediate care.

Typical results after partnering with IPG show a reduction in OSHA-recordable injuries by 88% and in workers' compensation claims by 90%.

On-Site Program:

IPG’s on-site program involves a preceptor/doctor who evaluates documentation of previous medical claims and trains hand-picked nurses for specific needs of the facility. IPG's 132 OSHA-certified nurses are trained in differential triage which enables them to determine the best course of treatment. The treatments are performed on-site which allow us to control, direct, and manage the outcomes.

What is Injury Prevention Group?

IPG works closely with plant safety and human resources departments to create a safe working environment and decrease work-related injuries, which in turn reduces workers' comp claims and workers' comp costs. Regardless of the size of your operation, IPG’s occupational health and safety nurses can provide professional services on a frequency that meets your needs and improves the overall safety and risk management of your operations.


Safety and Training Services

IPG’s Integrated Wellness & Safety Program will save time and money, replacing other 3rd party safety support services.

How does our method reduce injuries and lower costs?

Direct Cost Reduction

Indirect Cost Reduction

Cost for Typical Injury*

Description Direct Indirect Total Additional Sales to Make Whole
Carpel Tunnel $30,882 $33,970 $64,852 $2,161,733
Sprain $30,798 $33,877 $64,675 $2,155,832
Strain $32,959 $36,254 $69,213 $2,307,100
Total $94,639 $104,101 $198,740 $6,624,665

*Using OSHA cost estimator assuming 3% profit margin for a typical plant with well documented injuries

Our program is proven to reduce injuries, get employees back to work faster and retain happy-healthy employees thus a healthier bottom line!